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Our Story – From Special Events to Straz Kids Gear, Canadian Made Pediatric Medical Masks

In January of 2020, our company; like many others faced the daunting potential vision of a bleak unknown future. By March, it was evident that our “Social Gatherings” industry was in for a long period of devastating business activity. Our business, Lonsdale Event Rentals was fully involved in supporting weddings, parties & special events. Over the past 20 years, we enjoyed growth and our team of 60 employees became one of the leading Event Rental companies in Canada. This all changed on March 15, when social gathering was banned and we saw our business drop by over 90%. By March 17, our team was reduced to only 3 people and basically had tasks of keeping the lights at our facility on and helping customers cancel orders.

Fortunately, we had a supportive landlord, banking partner and a fast-acting government that provided hope and immediate support that gave us time to reconsider our options. We considered our core strengths as a company, stuck to our core values and put a plan in place to quickly switch our main focus to other opportunities.

We found the most fitting area was one that was closest to our hearts, one that our events company supported through in-kind donations the most; children’s causes. The need for children’s PPE came naturally as many of our team members had young families and related directly to our companies new direction. Children’s masks & PPE hit even closer to home as the owner himself struggled to find a supply of PPE options. He understood the ability to offer a wider selection and styles of kids PPE would encourage kids to find the right style and they would use the products more freely.

We endeavoured to pivot our business and facility, gain knowledge and expertise in the direction of Children’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our previous expertise coming from the operation of industrial automated machinery, warehousing, sales, fabric care, marketing and customer service gave us the ability to move quickly. We established a new brand “Straz Gear Inc” and focused our energies to produce high quality, Canadian made pediatric medical masks. We acquired specialized mask manufacturing equipment, sourced quality materials suppliers and began our new business direction with a strong passion!

Our mission with Straz Kids Gear is to enhance our children’s’ ability to laugh, learn, play & grow by producing and supplying Canadian made pediatric medical masks. We are grateful for the opportunity to help the little ones in your life move forward in this new world in a safe and trusted way.

Thank you for your interest & support.

Business pivot from Lonsdale Event Rentals to Straz Kids Gear, producer of Canadian made kids hygienic masks

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