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Kids Mask Buying Tips

Two Main Considerations: Children’s masks are available in two options; cloth reusable or hygienic medical disposable. Choosing the right mask is a personal choice, with significant differential factors being effectiveness against small particles & germs vs environmental impact. There are other considerations, choosing the right mask for your child should be an informed decision. SINGLE-USE vs Re-USABLE   Mask Choice Considerations:...


The Essentials of Kids Mask Filtration

Lunch, homework, water bottle, sunscreen, phone and face mask.  One more thing to pack this fall as our children return to school or head out the door for activities in this changed world. As parents & care givers for our children, we should do our best to ensure we understand some basics around the masks...


How Masks Help Kids

The decision for parents and caregivers to support the use of children’s masks comes easy to most, but not for all. Science, education, mandates, and social pressures continue to promote the safety of kids wearing masks and the germ protection the use of masks offer. But let’s dig deeper into how masks help kids; for children, the benefits...


How To Size a Kids Mask

How to size a kids mask: A properly fitted mask should cover the nose and mouth, fit snugly below the chin and fall against the sides of the face without too much gaping or over-sizing all the way to the ears. Children’s masks are generally 95 mm (3 3/4″) x 145 mm(5 3/4″). They differ to...

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