How Masks Help Kids

The decision for parents and caregivers to support the use of children’s masks comes easy to most, but not for all. Science, education, mandates, and social pressures continue to promote the safety of kids wearing masks and the germ protection the use of masks offer. But let’s dig deeper into how masks help kids; for children, the benefits can be for both mental and physical health. Wearing a mask gives kids a sense of control over their uncontrollable environments, can reduce anxiety and stress dealing with the pandemic.

The three most significant benefits are:

  • Helps kids remember to not touch their faces when they are in uncontrolled environments
  • Reduces the risks of germs entering their bodies through the nose and mouth from others coughs, sneezes and breathes
  • Reduces the potential spread of germs from one person to another

Note to remember: Kids with certain disabilities or sensory issues may not be able to wear masks. That’s why kids who are able to wear masks should.

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