How To Size a Kids Mask

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How to size a kids mask: A properly fitted mask should cover the nose and mouth, fit snugly below the chin and fall against the sides of the face without too much gaping or over-sizing all the way to the ears.

Children’s masks are generally 95 mm (3 3/4″) x 145 mm(5 3/4″). They differ to adults sized masks by the length of the mask and the length of the elastic. Smaller child-sized masks typically fit children 5-12 yrs of age. Of course, the actual fit depends on the child’s face size. All flat mask styles have some open gaps around the face; achieving the best fit minimizes gaps and enhances the masks ability to perform at its highest level and provide the most protection.

Sizing Your Child’s Face: Straz Kids Gear created its masks to fit children’s smaller faces. When it comes to how to size a kids mask, we recommend using a soft sewing tape measure. Measure below one ear lobe, over the tip of the nose and then to the other ear lobe. If this measurement falls between 22 cm”(8.5″)- 27 mm”(10 3/4″), our child-sized mask should be the right size. If you find the measurement is below our minimum, tying a small knot at the end of the elastic can provide a smaller fit.

FACT: The #1 quality issue with masks are poorly made elastic ear loops that fall off. Don’t get stuck in a sensitive area with a broken mask without a backup. Certified Straz Kids Gear masks are extra strong and won’t fall off.

Warning: Infants should not wear masks, always consult your physician for proper care & guidance for infants.


How to Size a Kids Mask – Kids Face Mask Sizing Guide

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