Kids Mask Buying Tips

Two Main Considerations:

Children’s masks are available in two options; cloth reusable or hygienic medical disposable. Choosing the right mask is a personal choice, with significant differential factors being effectiveness against small particles & germs vs environmental impact. There are other considerations, choosing the right mask for your child should be an informed decision.


  Mask Choice Considerations: Single-Use Mask Re-usable Mask  
  Safety: Small Particle Filtration XXXXX X  
  Safety: Sanitary Cleanliness XXXXX X  
  Safety: Sanitary Cleanliness XXXXX X  
  Comfort: Moisture Protection on Face XXXXX X  
  Comfort & Lightweight XXXXX X  
  Comfort: Breathability in Mask XXXXX X  
  Convenience: Care, Washing & Handling XXXXX X  
  Regional Loyalty: “Made in..” XXXXX XXXXX  
  Cost for Supply XXX XXXXX  
  Design Varaiety XXX XXXXX  
  Environmental Impact XXX XXXX  
  *Best XXXXX / Worst X      

When choosing a disposable hygienic mask, here are some important considerations to consider:


Quality of Mask Filtration. Why? Disposable Masks come in a range of particle (germ) filtration options, these are rated by “BFE %” and “PFE %” ratings in the specs of the mask. Essentially, these percentages mean the % of particles the mask has been tested to block out through its material. IE. A mask with a PFE rating of 95% will block out 95% of particles smaller than .1 micron(the approximate size of a Coronavirus) Read our post here for further detail. The higher the BFE & PFE % rating, the better the masks filter protection is. With 98% BFE/PFE ratings, Straz Kids Gear uses the highest level of particle(germ) protection available! WARNING: ALWAYS ENSURE YOUR PRODUCT SELLER IS SHOWS THE BFE OR PFE % RATING. BEWARE & QUESTION PRODUCTS THAT DO NOT. NOTE: 95% BFE/PFE RATING IS LOWEST ACCEPTABLE FILTRATION LEVEL IN PROCEDURAL MEDICAL MASKS.

Country they are made in. Why? Disposable Masks made in countries with less regulation on fake product production may not be using safe materials that offer the promised filter protection or can cause skin irritation. Also, the country you are purchasing from supports jobs and economic activity in that country

Quality of Ear loops. Why? Comfort. When it comes to comfort, ear loop quality ranks at the top of the list. Worn for lengthy periods of time, pressure on ears can cause friction, discomfort & irritation. Ensure the ear loops are a minimum of 5mm in diameter and are made with the high quality material mixes, such as Straz Kids Gear masks, 70% spandex / 30% nylon. Thinner & poorer quality ear loop materials can cause painful ear irritations. Dependability: Ear loops can quickly put a person in a place of jeopardy when an elastic breaks. Straz Kids Gear ensure its masks are welded by hand and not a automated machine, giving our masks ear loop connections ultimate strength.

Fit to the Face: Why? Simply, the looser the fit or gaps the mask has to the face, the less effective it is in blocking airborne or vapour carrying (germ) particles. Masks are available in 2 sizes, adults & kids, ensure you are supplying your child with the proper sized mask. Try Straz Kids Gears sizing guide to right size your child’s mask

Certification: Why? Ensure your child’s masks are made to medical grade regulated standards of ASTM(American) or CE(European). These standards should be noted on the packaging of your product. Companies using these regulations have submitted their masks for strenuous, accredited laboratory testing that guarantees the level of filtration, breathability, flammability level and overall quality of the construction of the mask. Also, ensure the company is registered with a trusted government agency within its country of manufacturing and distribution. In Canada, Straz Kids Gear is licensed by Health Canada

Medical vs Non-Medical Grade: Why? Early on in 2020 there was mass shortage of Masks & PPE for front line & health care workers. Today, quality supplies are available. When considering the choice of “Medical” vs “Non-Medicial” consider that masks packaged or sold under non-medical simply means that they have not been required to test their products to government standards and or that they are not registered with a government agency to follow strict guidelines for quality and handling procedures. Straz Kids Gear masks are all “Medical” grade to ensure our products are top quality.

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