Canadian Made Pediatric and Adult Petite Surgical Masks

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Canada has long been known as a safe and stable country.  Areas such as health care, our financial markets, banking, standards of living, tourism, clean living and government policies are well regulated. All of these factors and many more make Canada a safe, trusted, and reliable place to do business with. Straz Gear Inc is proud to be making and distributing Canadian made Pediatric and Adult Petite 3-Ply face masks from our facility located near Vancouver, BC Canada.

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Straz Gear Inc. ensures its products are made, assembled, and quality control checked in Canada. Each of our Canadian made pediatric and adult petite masks are made with care. We have take great efforts in custom designing our masks.  We provide special features that give the highest protection and the most comfort. We carefully select top-grade materials. These are used in the making of our pediatric and adult petite 3-ply face masks to meet regulated standards. Our masks are made in a clean work space.  Our team of Associates work hard to provide the highest quality. We exceed strict North American government standards of  ASTM (USA) for our masks construction. The highest standards, protocols and processes are in place in our facility. We ensure each one of our masks are produced with great quality and care.

Straz Gear will always be working hard to make its pediatric and adult petite 3-ply masks using North American raw materials.  We  strive to source raw materials primarily made in Canada and from the United States.  Currently, little North American raw materials of surgical grade fabric for the 3 layer construction exists.  Some are slowly coming to market. We hope by the late winter of 2021 we will at least be using Canadian made filtration materials and US based elastic bands.

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