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Our products made with care from our facility in Canada located near Vancouver, British Columbia. All the raw materials selected for our products are from quality sources. We ensure they meet high standards. Level 3 ASTM testing for our products has been completed for our surgical-grade masks for filtration & design. Testing is done with accredited Canadian owned and operated lab Cambridge Materials Testing. Straz Gear Inc is approved and licensed by Health Canada with an MDEL (Medical Device Equipment License) . The highest standards, protocols and processes are in place for our products. We ensure each one of our masks are made with superb craftsmanship.

We are committed to supplying Canadians with affordably priced, high quality mask products. Unlike many other mask manufacturers and import resellers, our priority is NOT profit. The first priority for us is giving Canadian children high levels of safe filtration & a comfort fit. Our second priority is to provide jobs to Canadians during these challenging times. Employees with our team generally come from the hospitality, tourism and food service sectors. Jobs in these areas have been devastated by the events of 2020. Check out STRAZ GEARS story here from Global TV News.

Our Straz Gear ASTM LEVEL 3 surgical masks are a great choice for a good fit for children or adults with smaller, petite faces.  Lightweight comfort, ease of breathability, durability, germ filtration & convenient packaging were all carefully considered with our products.

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Our Products Design Benefits

40% wider ear loops than traditional 3-ply face masks;
Shorter ear band length designed for smaller faces; fewer need for knots
High quality elastic ear band using spandex (70%) and nylon (30%)
A proper size provides a comfortable & formed fit
Hydrophilic non-woven softer fabric on the inside helps wick moisture from the skin
Odourless with no strong scents. All raw material used are new & non-recycled

50 masks included in one box. Each box contains 5 poly pouches of 10 masks.

Technical Specifications for Pediatric and Adult Petite Masks:
Technical Specification Sheet 

ASTM Level 3
BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) ASTM F2101-19: ≥ 98%
PFE (Particulate Filtration Efficiency @.1 Micron) ASTM F2299_F2299M-03 : ≥ 98%
Differential Pressure, mm H2O/cm EN 14683:2019, Annex C: <6 .0
Splash Resistance mmHg ASTM F1862: 160
Flame Spread 16 CFR Part 1610: Class 1
Adjustable metal nose wire
Latex & fiberglass free
Pleated 3 layer design
95mm x 145mm (3 3/4″ x 5 1/2″)
5mm extra wide elastic ear bands for comfort

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Colour Options: Yellow ~ Blue ~ Pink ~ Green
Buy individually or as a Box Set (best value for 2 of more boxes)

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