School Fundraising Program


Are you in need of funds to grow your education programs?

Tired of the same old fundraising initiatives?

Are you curious about the most effective masks for children?

At Straz Gear, we recognize the importance of keeping the littlest members of our communities safe. Our commitment is to provide information for parents and education leaders regarding the benefits of single use 3-ply surgical masks, as well as profitable fundraising opportunities for schools in a way that truly impact the community.

Here is how it works!
Submit your request via our website link. Or email us directly at info@strazgear.com.

A Straz Gear team member will reach out to help customize your order based on your budget, needs and the anticipated size of your community reach. From there, we will give you a quote for the wholesale pricing for kids masks which will allow you to create your own sale pricing based on the profit and fundraising goals you are hoping to meet.

Payment Options!
Program leads are welcome to collect orders and funds from participants in advance via the order form and submit orders for delivery based on production times once. This option means that your supporters will have pre-paid you for their order, and they will receive their masks in approximately 1 week (based on production time).


Program leads are welcome to order and pay upfront based on fundraising prices and stock items for sale onsite. This option means that masks will be available to your customers immediately, but it will be based on what you have available in stock. You will also be paying upfront in full for the number of boxes requested.


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