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Straz Gear Inc. proudly ensures its products are manufactured in Canada only. Our 3-ply surgical pediatric masks are individually made with care at our manufacturing facility near Vancouver, Canada. We carefully select top grade tested materials for the construction of our pediatric masks. Our mask materials are supplied from top quality sources and we ensure they meet our high standards. Our masks are produced in a clean environment by our team of dedicated Associates. We adhere to strict international government regulatory standards of ASTM(USA) for medical grade mask construction. We are also approved by the Canadian Government for mask manufacturing with a Medical Device Establishment Licence(MDEL #14883) which is authorized by Health Canada. The highest standards, protocols and processes are in place to ensure each one of our masks are produced with superb craftsmanship and care for children’s use.

Our mission at Straz Gear Inc. is to enhance our children’s’ ability to laugh, learn, play & grow. Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with products that will take care of the special little ones in your life.

All our hygienic masks are designed specifically for the use of children’s needs: Comfort, breathability, durability, filtration & packaging are all carefully considered with our products.


  • 40% wider ear bands(compared to standard ear bands). This provides more comfort on the ears
  • Custom sized ear band lengths for children
  • Guidance on measuring your child’s mask size needs
  • High quality, soft, flexible spandex(70%) and nylon(30%) materials on ear bands
  • Smaller sized mask body length(145mm/3 3/4″) compared to adults masks(175mm/5 1/2″) providing a more comfortable & formed fit
  • The inner layer of our kids masks are made with hydrophilic softer non-woven fabric that helps wick moisture off the face
  • Our high quality materials are odorless with no strong scents. All raw material are new & non-recycled


  • We optimize the material in our masks to provide the highest levels of breathability through the fabric


  • We manually weld each ear loop to our masks ensuring the strongest bond for your kids tough & reliable use
  • All materials in our masks are all formed together using ultrasonic welding, a hygienic process that bonds all the materials together.
  • No toxic glues or adhesives are used in the mask


  • We use materials that provide the highest levels of required filtration to block the small germ particles
  • All our kids masks are made to the same filtration standards as surgical grade masks used in health care environments.


As per ASTM medical mask standards, our masks are constructed with:

  • 3 layers of material protection. Inside: soft hydrophilic non-woven fabric Middle: high grade meltblown non-woven fabric Outside: liquid resistant hydrophobic non-woven fabric


  • ASTM Level 3
  • 3 Layer Protection
  • BFE: 98%
  • PFE: 98%
  • Fluid Resistance: <6.0 mmH2O/cm2
  • Flame Resistance: Class 1 (≥ 3.5 seconds)
  • Mask Size: 95mm x 145mm (3 3/4″ x 5 1/2″)
  • Disposable, Non Reusable

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